Tattoos and Body Piercings in Hanover, PA

Looking for someone to breathe life into your newest tattoo design? Want to hang a piece of commissioned art in your home? At Bob’s Art, we’re happy to comply with your demand for authentic art! We’re first and foremost a tattoo and body jewelry shop in Hanover, PA, however we love to leverage our artistic abilities across a wide range of applications.


Home to some of the best tattoo artists in Hanover, PA, Bob’s Art is your destination for some ink. We specialize in grayscale tattoos, with the ability to create custom designs or work from an idea you bring us. From memorial tattoos and those with sentimental value, to representations of who you are and what you love, we get to know our clients before we put the needle to the skin—it helps us ensure you’re getting a tattoo you’ll love forever.


From noses to navels, Bob’s Art welcomes customers looking for a hygienic place to get their next piercing, whether it’s your first or your fifth. We provide a comfortable, welcoming environment that allows you to relax before your piercing. And, our shop has everything you need for aftercare, to ensure it heals appropriately.

Body Painting

Got a special event coming up that could benefit from body paint? Bob’s Art—formally known as Bob’s Body Art—paints for all types of events and can provide this service in any capacity. From branding to more artistic expressions, our body painting abilities are second to none.

Custom Art

Our artistic talents go far beyond tattoos and body paint! If you’re in the market for a piece of commissioned artwork or want someone to detail the gas tank of your motorcycle, we’re ready to provide creative oversight. Schedule an appointment with us today to discuss your ideas or designs and watch as we bring them to life in a beautiful, detailed way!

Contact Bob’s Art today by calling 717-637-4876 to schedule a tattoo or piercing consultation or to inquire about any of the other artistic services we provide.

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